The Biggest Challenge - Getting It Done

There are a lot of people we call on who agree that eNewsletters are a valuable medium. And they are interested in having an eNewsletter program for their organization. But, they do not come aboard as a client of Loop Consulting because "We can do it ourselves."

So some extent this is true. They can put together a letter and get it out. But that is only part of having a successful program. There needs to be a protocol of testing for Spam blocking, testing to see how the letter appears in various ISPs (MSN, AOL, Netscape, etc.). Then there is the important activity of reading the performance analysis of the letter - and using this information for constant improvement. And there is more. Can they do this? Or, more to the point, will they do all this?

But these comments are not the key issue.

This is the key issue: We have had five years in the eNewsletter business and our marketing strategist had extensive experience with running paper letter programs for clients - most of them ad agencies. We have found that those who choose to do it themselves rarely continue the program for more than a few months.

There are too many other things that get in the way - and the eNewsletters gets pushed aside. Then, finally, they discontinue publishing.

But, when we run the program it is guaranteed that the letters will be gotten out every month, month after month.

If you want to have an eNewsletter program that will be successful, you simply turn it over to the pros. And that is us.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist


Like To Meet Us? We Reach Out To You

It takes face-to-face discussions for us to educate a prospective client about the benefits of having a professionally-produced eNewsletter campaign. Up to now that has meant that we have a client list that is limited to South Florida.

But, starting in 2007 we are beginning to reach out. We have regional managers in place in Orlando , FL (for Central and Northern Florida), In Bloomington, IL (for Illinois, Missouri and Indiana) and in Southern California.

This means that you will able to call on these people to learn about eNewsletters and what they can do for your enterprise. It also means that there will be a live human being to learn about your operation and your needs. This is a person who will be responsible for managing your account and assuring satisfaction.

Want to have one of them pay you a visit? Email us at mmenendez@loopconsulting.com
and we will get together with you.

Marcos Menendez
President, Loop Consulting Group


Archiving - The Key To Saving Good Info

Most of our clients will archive past issues of their e-newsletters in their web sites. But some do not do so. The result is that their past e-newsletters, full of good information, are gone forever.

What a waste!

The alternative is to set up an archive of past issues within the e-newsletter. It is interesting that blogs offer this - and it is time that e-newsletters do also. Our experience with blogs is that readers do go into the archives and enjoy things they find in past postings.

We have worked out a way to set up these archives and can do it for you. Let us know if you have any questions about this.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist