How Online Video Boosts eNewsletter Performance

Summary: Learn about the value of adding online video to your communications and see how our client's eNewsletter results improved dramatically.

I spoke about New Tools To Reach A New Level of eNewsletter Effectiveness. I mentioned how online video could help take your eNewsletter program to new heights.I'm not one to recommend something that I have not seen firsthand. So we put online video to the test.

We wanted to see if incorporating video to an eNewsletter would improve its performance.One of our clients, the Latin Builders Association (LBA), had the foresight to see the value of online video, and how it could help add richness and depth to their brand. Through online video, we helped the LBA produce and deliver to the LBA membership what their very successful monthly luncheons are like.We created a new media channel called LBATV, and through video, we were able to fully incorporate the monthly luncheons sponsor into the event video.

LBATV- May 2007 Luncheon Video at Intercontinental.
Play May Luncheon Video.
See Video within LBA's eNewsletter

Did you enjoy the video? See anyone you know? Okay, let's talk about the results. How did video improve the LBA's eNewsletter? What other impact did LBATV have?

LBA eNewsletter Results:

Open Rate: The total amount of recipients that opened the eNewsletter was 26%. This has been the long established amount of readers. We predict that as LBATV gains in popularity, so will the amount of readers.

Click-Through: The total amount of recipients that viewed the video was a whopping 64%. This is the highest request for any link within an eNewsletter that we at Loop have ever seen. It moved the overall links requested from a 9% to a 41%, wow! This shows that video is a very attractive channel for recipients.

New Channel: Through LBATV, the Latin Builders Association has created a new medium to communicate their message, as well as a new product for sponsorship revenue. Video augments the sponsor's message outside the venue walls.

Experience: Video brings another good reason for the members to read the eNewsletter, and a way for prospective members to see what the LBA is like in action.
Online video has many other benefits such as improved search engine ranking, increase in website traffic, and a positive enhancement in how messages from an organization are perceived. You may want to consider adding video to your existing online marketing mix, but make sure that you plan carefully and consider using a professional company for production and editing.

As always, we are here to help. If you are interested in starting or improving on your eNewsletter program
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Marcos J. Menendez
Loop Consulting Group, LLC