E-Newsletters Coming Of Age

When Loop Consulting was started up, it was as an Internet marketing organization. We soon found out that people did not understand what this was all about. We recall a time when, after we finished expaining Internet marketing, the person asked, "Yeah, but what is it you do?"

At this point we reached the conclusion that there was one aspect of Internet marketing that people should be able to understand. That is e-newsletters. Everyone knows what a newsletter is. So we decided to make this our specialty.

However, we still found that we had a lot of missionary work to do in selling the concept of electronic newsletters vs. paper ones. Well, over the past four years we have found that recognition of e-newsletters has become more widespread.
Today when we are calling on prospective customers, more often than not we hear, "Yes, I think that we need an e-newsletter."

This makes the point that the success of this medium is gaining recognition. That is good for us - and good our clients.

When we speak of success, we are referring to the testimonials we have earned regarding the performance of our e-newsletters for our clients. They do cause things to happen.

So, if you are looking at this page because you are beginning to come to the conclusion you might benefit from an e-newsletter, we would be glad to further advise you on the subject.

No obligation, of course.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist