How To Use eNewsletters To Become A Priority In Your Clients Mind

From: Enewsletter Marketing Insights (Emi)- June 2006 issue.

In this issue: Helping your prospective client think of you. How to stay in their radar screen? Complete article.

Marcos J. Menendez


Pretesting To Avoid Spam Blockers

Those who send out emailings have a gauntlet to run if they want to avoid offending recipients - or being shut down for spamming. This can be a fairly complex subject, but we will deal with two aspects of staying out of spamming trouble.

First, there is the choice of wording for the subject line. There is a lexicon of words that should not be used if the sender doesn't want to get in spam trouble. We know what they are and, if you don't, you should turn to professionals like us to be sure it is done right.

Second it is possible to test your enewsletters for words and phrases that will set off spam blockers. We used special software for this. This software checks the entire content of the letter for spam phrases and words.

Once these offending words have been highlighted, we can change them to be acceptable.

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Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Loop Consulting Group