Loop-Decor Magazine Interview Excerpt

What are the biggest mistakes that uninformed companies make when starting their own online marketing efforts? What are some pitfalls to avoid?

I think assuming that with only the website you are covered. A website is a home base for information; the next step is to tell others what you are doing.

Ways of getting your message out to your audience are eNewsletter, properly designed websites for search engine visibility and publishing or updating the website with new content.

In terms of pitfalls, I always stress that online marketing involves persistence and focus on objectives and measurement. There is no quick, get-it-now solution to increase sales, only reasonable judgment, execution and measurement of efforts.

So, beware of offers that promise to get you first place in Google for 20 bucks a month. If this was true, it would be like controlling search results and I don’t think Google would agree.

Marcos J. Menendez
Loop Consulting Group www.loopconsulting.com