Make Your eNewsletter Pay For Itself

One of our enewsletter clients has been carrying advertising in its letter. This advertising pays the costs of producing and publishing the letter, and then some. Now we have a had a second client ask us about the mechanics and financial potential for advertising in their letter.

We have shown them how ads can be incorporated into the layout without being too intrusive. The ads can be located in a banner about midway down the letter. Also, they can be in a vertical sidebar-type box. Additionally, there can be a series of small boxes across the bottom of the letter.

In many cases the advertisers are in businesses that cater to the organization that issues the newsletter. These advertisers will be seeking to reach the readers of the letter, but they also will be running ads to curry the favor of the newsletter's publisher.

If this interests you, email us mmenendez@loopconsulting.com and we will get in touch to further explain this advertising opportunity.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist