May We Talk About Sex?

Considering the fact that women now occupy a substantial number of the decision-making positions in marketing and service companies, why do so many newsletters sound like a guy talking to guys?

Maybe it is because the newsletters are written by a guy who is trying to please upper echelon guys in his company.

Is it possible that newsletters written to persuade women should be written with gender factors in mind? Perhaps it could be something as simple as the tone of the letter -- the antithesis of "How about them Steelers?"

Perhaps it persuades by identifying more closely with the demanding role women must fill to satisfy work and family.

Or perhaps the message is built around current events that are female centered.

If the letter can make the reader think, "This writer understands", then it has come a long way toward making a friend and customer of the reader.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist