The Top 5 Creative Tips for Successful E-Mail Marketing

This is a very good article written by Deirdre Namur from Bigfoot Interactive. For your reading pleasure, I summarized what I considered most relevant points in each section of the article and added some of my comments in parenthesis.

Creative E-Mail Tip #1: Start Off on the Right Foot

Gather information that will help you create value and targeted content. (Marcos added: In other words, understand your audience and write content that will add value and be relevant).

Creative E-Mail Tip #2: Understand, Leverage, Pique

Contains clear call-to-action points; (Marcos added: Ask yourself, what is the main objective of the eNewsletter program? And then ensure that you request from the readers the appropriate responses. If its sales, add contact a representative buttons and links).

Creative E-Mail Tip #3: The Lowest Common Denominator Rules

Limit HTML file size to no more than 65K; ( Marcos added: But not less than 20k, too light and its looks like Spam to the filters).

Creative E-Mail Tip #4: Understand the Nuances of E-Mail

Content is king – relevant, personalized content drives readership and results;

Creative E-mail Tip #5: Great Creative Requires Great Process

Optimizing creative based on observed results leads to improved performance; (Marcos added: If you have a link that is buried in the content but its gotten a high click-through rate, make it more obvious in the following eNewsletter issues. This will improve the performance of your campaign).

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Marcos J. Menendez

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