What Day Is The Best Time To eMail?

If you want your enewsletters to be opened, timing can be a critical issue. The time of day your enewsletter goes out is important - as well as the day you do the mailing.

For Businesses: The best days to connect are Tuesday through Thursday. Monday is a bad day because too many decision makers are tied up in meetings. Friday is not good because there are a lot of early-leavers (particularly in the summer).

What time of the day are they most likely to read their email? It may not be big news that there is a peak in business people reading email during the lunch hour. Also, there is action at the the end of the day.

For Consumers: They spend more time on the Internet Friday through Sunday. This gives them more time to open and read your offering. It should be noted that many people will be checking their email at varying times during the day. So, timing is less of an issue.

So, be smart and send out your letter at the times and days people find most convenient to look at their email.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist