Taking Permission For Granted and Then Passing It On To Your Friends

Because I purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster, this should not imply that I want to continue on receiving information from Ticketmaster or that I allow them to give my email address to their partners.

Ticketmaster should not shield themselves from doing this by entailing that if ‘I purchase I must agree’ with your Privacy Policy that states that “by submitting an email address to us, you agree that Ticketmaster (on behalf of itself or on behalf of others) may send promotional emails…”

Folks, taking liberties with your client’s permission and email is not the way to build a long relationship. Always ask them to subscribe, never subscribe them as part of your policy.

Extracted from Ticketmaster’s email “ticketalert”

“As a Ticketmaster user, you agreed that Ticketmaster may contact you by email or other means and use and disclose the information you submit, as described in the Ticketmaster
Privacy Policy. If you would like to opt-out of receiving a particular type of email at this email address then please visit My Account and indicate your preferences. Please note that you may still receive emails from those who provide events (e.g., venues, teams, artists, promoters and leagues) to whom Ticketmaster provides your email address as described in the Ticketmaster Privacy Policy.”

Marcos J. Meenendez
Loop Consulting Group