Delivering Your Message To Your Target Audience Is Key. Delivering It Consecutively is Success.

My wife and I are expecting a second child. “Congratulations” you say? “Thank you. I really didn’t do much, expect the usual.”

Anyway, after the first oby/gyn appointment we were giving a folder named “Healthy Beginnings” and in it was information regarding the hospital check-in instructions, mother fitness classes, family planning, etc… But, buried under all the hospital forms was one of the best placed pieces of direct marketing I’ve ever seen... A special Walt-Mart catalog called named “Baby Connection” it included a baby wish list, advice and, most important, Walt-Mart’s inventory on baby products.

It’s not the catalog that amazes me, it is the fact that it was a perfectly delivered to its target market. A catalog providing baby products, included among important hospital information and placed in the hands of an expecting mother is as the Guinness stout TV commercials would say “Brilliant!”

Every month that we send out an eNewsletter, this is exactly what we as marketers are aiming for. That our message reaches that target audience that is in the need for your services. This should be one of the main goals in any eNewsletter marketing campaign. Whether it is for communication or sales, we should always plan our deliveries and craft our messages so that our eNewsletters are “placed” in the hands of those “expecting” prospects, clients or readers.

The beauty of eNewsletters is that although Walt-Mart did a good job with its one time catalog delivery, an eNewsletter gets to do a great job by delivering its message to its target audience month after month.

Marcos J. Menendez
Loop Consulting Group