You Got The Tools. But Do You Have The Time?

A prospect cancelled our presentation meeting today because they said that they had just acquired the tools needed to send out an eNewsletter.

In the past years we’ve learned some things from producing plenty of eNewsletters. We know that having the right tools are just a part of producing a successful eNewsletter program.

If you gave me a hammer, plenty of nails, some wood and a saw I still couldn’t build you a house. First, I’m not a carpenter (although sometimes my wife wished I was) and second I don’t have the time.

Even though my meeting was cancelled, I wanted them to start off in the right step. My advice to them was “Make sure you name a person responsible for producing that eNewsletter month after month and make sure that he/she has the time to do so, otherwise the program will not last long enough to see tangible benefits.”

Keep this in mind if you are thinking of starting your own eNewsletter program.

Marcos J. Menendez
Loop Consulting Group