Tracking - How To Do It and How To Use It

Here is a subject about which every enewsletter publisher should become an expert. If you aren't gathering the right tracking data - and if you aren't acting on it - your campaign isn't going to be as successful as it should be.

What kind of data should you be studying? Certainly open rate, but also click-throughs, link action, hard bounces, soft bounces and return email. A professional analysis of this data can show where the letter has attracted interest and where it has not. It also can provide information that leads to better placement of the elements on the page.

In essence, tracking tells you what you need to know to maximize the effectiveness of the enewsletter. If you aren't doing this, or don't know how to do it, get in touch with an enewsletter professional.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist