What Do You Bring To The Party?

This is the time to put some emphasis on the word "news". When you send out enewsletters the expectation is that you will be presenting something new. Yet many enewsletter publishers do not seem to grasp this concept. There is a tendency to write about things that really bring nothing new to the party.

You know what I mean - rehashes of old information about their company and products, self-centered pieces about top management, editorials about political matters or maybe advocacy pieces for worthy causes.

When you see the title "newsletter" is this what you would expect to see there? Our bet is that you would be looking for information that you didn't have before. We think that you would be expecting something with at least a little edge of the excitement that comes with real news.
So have something fresh to bring to the table before you start your next newsletter.
Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist