Yeah, But We Do A Paper Newsletter ...

We run into this all the time when we talk to business people about enewsletters. "If we are sending out snail mail letters, why do we want enewsletters?"

Maybe we can deal with this question by asking some questions:
  • What do you know about how many of your mailings get dumped before they are opened?
  • How long do you think it takes for the letters that are in the "do it later" box get read?
  • What kind of direct feed back do you get from your mailings - and how do these responses come to you (phone call, fax, reply mail)?
  • If you are bulk mailing, how long does it take for your letters to reach their destinations?
  • If you invite readers to visit your web site, how convenient is it for them to do so?
  • What does it really cost to get out a mailing (printing, stuffing, sorting, handling, postage)?
  • Have the recipients opted in to receive your mailings?

This issues here are timeliness, acceptibility, ease of response and cost.

Enewsletters go to people who agree to accept them, they get there right now, they offer instant connection to your web site and they offer a convenient way to have a dialogue with readers.

So, why shouldn't they be in your marketing communications program?

Prescott "Pete" Lustig

Senior Marketing Strategist