A Finer Edge In Target Marketing

Direct mail has been the time-tested way to efficiently reach targeted groups of prospective customers. But, efficient as it may be, it does not have the ability to reach and pinpoint selected audiences that enewsletters have.

Speaking of reach, how do you reach people who are on the road, for business or vacations, with paper newsletters? Today people are checking their email - and reading it - when away from office and home.

How do you reach people who spend considerable time in alternate locations? These may be students at school - or people who live in the North but winter in the South. Mail may not catch up with them - but you can bet they are checking their email wherever they are.

Then, speaking of pinpointing, some of the most desirable prospects are people who are interested enough to want to read your enewsletters. They may reach you through an invitation to see your newsletter in your website. They may have seen your enewsletter because someone forwarded it to them. Then they liked it enough to click the "Subscribe" button and ask to receive your letter.

These new subscribers are a part of your prospect data base with very high potential to become customers. How could you do this with paper newsletters?

These are examples of how you can make target marketing more defined. Let's call it "niche marketing." Enewsletters can put a finer edge on your marketing efficiency.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist