The Critical Importance Of List Management

eNewsletter programs are vitally dependent on mailing lists. They can live or die, depending on how well these lists are managed.

Once Loop Consulting receives the intial email distribution list from the client, a database is created and uploaded for storage. After the each issue is delivered a report will organize and classify the entries as follows:

  • Total emails sent
  • Total hard bounced emails (undeliverable or dead)
  • Total soft bounced (available but temporarily undeliverable. We resend every 3 hours for 72 hours.)
  • Total emails received
  • Total emails unsubscribed
  • Total newly subscribed emails
  • Total emails forwarded
  • Total emails opened

We provide our clients with a report of the list's performance based on the above criteria.

If you aren't getting this kind of attention from your service, you definitely need us!

Prescott "Pete" Lustig

Senior Marketing Strategist