eNewsletters - Paper Newsletters On Hormones

We find that a lot people equate enewsletters with printed newsletters. They think that both are about the same, but we say uh, uh. They are quite different vehicles. It is like the difference between Shaq O'neal and Michael Jackson. They both can attract attention, but Shaq is the one who has the power to deliver.

Where is the power in enewsletters? Well, first of all, they not only deliver the message, they give the reader ways to immediately respond. The readers can email the sender, they can tell about their preferences in polls that are part of the content and they can they can tell the sender to buzz off by clicking on "unsubscribe."

Then there is the power of links that are built into the letters. They direct the reader to in-depth information sources at a single click. They direct the reader to the sender's web site from a link. They can send the reader to the sender's blog.

But a big part of that power is the timeliness and immediacy of newsletters. They weren't written weeks ago and sent through bulk mail that can take weeks to arrive. They can be in the hands of the readers within hours of the time the text is finished. So, the content has the power and excitement of freshness.

So, if you are stuck with printed newsletters, think seriously about adding enewsletters to your marketing communications mix.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist