The Secret Ingredient - Passion

When we sign on a new client for our enewsletter services, it is usually the culmination of a long series of presentations and negotiations. So, we always try to find out what factors turned the decision in our favor.

Of course, the financial aspects are always important. We know that we have to be competitive.

However, we just closed a big account and when we asked the client how we became the winner, he said "Passion!" He explained that our intense committment to doing what it took to get their account impressed them. He also was referring to our passion for our work - and what it does for clients.

It strikes us that this passion for what a company does, and for its products or services, needs to come through in its enewsletters. It is not that we recommend belaboring this subject. It is that it must subtly be there - and be felt by the readers.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Stragegist