Who Should Be Doing Your eNewsletters?

So, are we going to tell you that Loop should be doing your letters? Not necessarily.

There is always the option of doing the letters yourself - and a lot of enewsletters are internally generated. In order to do this you have to own, or have access to, the software to distribute letters and track the action. You have to have someone on staff who manages the enewsletter campaign. You need someone with technical expertise. You also need someone who is a more than "pretty good" writer. And you need to have a expediter, a whip, who sees that it gets out every month.

That is a load! But if any one of these elements is not there, the chances that the enewsletter campaign will die a slow, painful death are high.

Yes, we can bring all these factors into play to do enewsletters for you. And how sweet it is for you to be in a position to drive the machine instead of being the horse that pulls it.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist