Do eNewsletters Have To Be Drab?

We look at scores of enewsletters to see what is going on - and to see how ours stack up in comparison. From this informal survey we come up with this observation: most enewsletters are insufferably dull.

Why do you suppose this is? One guess that we make is that some corporate decision makers are nervous about not looking serious. To carry this assumption a step further, they may be afraid that someone in their corporate hierarchy may criticize them for a letter that has a little frivolity in it.

Another reason, we postulate, is that they simply haven't thought of the letters being any way but dead-on "businesslike."

But, if you take human nature into consideration, people will be more likely to read through letters that offer them a little smile -- even an occasional laugh. Or if a letter is written more in the form of a real life story, readership can be better. It is easier to get through than a letter that reads like a sales pamphlet.

If you want an example of an enewsletter that offers entertaining stories, take a look at EMI, Loop Consulting's monthly enewsletter. http://www.loopconsulting.com/emi/july2005/

We love to write letters that people like to read. How about doing it for you?

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist