Mistakes People Make

Here is the beginning of a list that we may be adding to from time to time. This is a listing of mistakes we have seen enewsletter issuers make:

  • Dull presentation -- Many of the BTB letters we see are just plain drab and uninteresting.
  • Too much "Us" -- These are letters that overkill with self praise. They are all about "Our wonderful facility", "Our wonderful people", etc
  • Not enough linking -- Links to outside sources of useful info can expand the effect of a letter.
  • Not newsy enough -- They are called enewsletters, so why do some turn out to be sales pamphlets?
  • Sent out at the wrong time -- There are days of the week and times of the day that can be optimum for certain products and service. So why send them at other times?
  • Bad subject lines -- That line at the top of email inbox listings must lure the reader to open the letter. Some smell of junk mail.

Ok, that's our starter list. Please feel free to do some add ons.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig

Senior Marketing Strategist