Massaging The Layout

The first try at a layout for an enewsletter can become a dart board. It is interesting how things become apparent when one sees the letter as it comes up from the Inbox. So, everyone involved should feel welcome to suggest changes and improvements.

Is this bad? Well, when not carried to an extreme, it is useful. We have just been through this with an enewsletter for an important client. In this case, a lot of the critique for improvements came from us. We are not so insecure that we are unwilling to criticize our own work.

The real villains, with respect to critiquing the first letter, are those who purposely ignore that fact that it can be improved. We cannot call this benign neglect. There is nothing benign about not trying to improve on one's work.

We view the enewsletter as a living, changing organism. We do not think an enewsletter should be carved in stone.

We may seem to be foolish for making more work for ourselves. But, in our opinion, this willingness to engage in change is one of the criteria of true professionalism.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist