Keep It Simple

We recently were reviewing enewsletters in the category of equipment parts. What we found in our searches was dismaying. We saw letters that were so complex and content laden they were formidable to read. We surmise that people in this business have the catalog syndrome. They are accustomed to selling via catalogs and flyers (which are condensed catalogs). So they load up the page with a multitude of headings in small type.

But that is not what enewsletters are all about. Enewsletters that are not inviting to the person who opens them are very quickly dumped. You might say that most enewsletter readers are not patient. So, the challenge is to make the page they see easy to assimilate - and interesting. The readers need to be captured by some easily understood sales proposition and enticed into going deeper into the letter.

Readers just don't have the time to fight their way through cluttered pages. So, the starting point is to keep things simple.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist