Blogs - Frequency Makes The Difference

In essence, a blog can be very much like an eNewsletter. So, why bother with running a blog?

One reason is frequency of publishing. Most newsletters are issued monthly. Blogs are usually updated at least once a week, sometimes daily. That means that new postings are added to the blog on a frequency that attracts interested readers to become continuous visitors. This can develop a strong bond between the publisher and the readers.

A second reason is that things that happen during the 30 days between issues of an eNewsletter can be posted to the blog easily and immediately.

In the best of marketing programs there will be inclusion of both an eNewsletter and a blog. They work together to constantly keep the publishing company top of mind with customers and prospects.

Do we practice what we preach? You bet. This is our blog and you will find here a link to EMI our monthly Loop Consulting eNewsletter. We find that one feeds into the other, reinforcing the effect of our messages.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist