How Many Emails Are Too Many?

A very smart lady, who is a pro when it comes to public relations, asked me the following question:

"Someone asked me if there was a statistic that cites how many emails are too many? On a weekly basis let's say, with product announcements. Any ideas?"

With utmost respect for the recipient’s privacy and time, the nature of product/service determines the frequency of delivery or how many times to deliver a message.

For example: If it's ultra critical beta testing development software that require new patches every other day, then the recipients (developers/designers) will be glad to receive product updates by email every week. Another example would be, stock fluctuations information for stocks you are heavily invested in or are hedging, this might be news or updates you would want daily.

Bottom line: Ask yourself the golden question “Is what I’m sending add value to my client or prospect?” Does it enhance the product or service?

This article may help as well.
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I hope I was able to help.

Marcos J. Menendez