Professional Blogging - Is It For You?

Web logs are such close cousins to enewsletters it was inevitable that we we at Loop Consulting would become active here. We have recently added two new companies to our blog client list. In both cases, the blog is used as an internal communications medium.

But why would a company hire us to create a blog format and keep it running? Couldn't they do it inside?

The answer is that maintaining a blog becomes one more task added to the work load of someone in the company. Blogs have to be continually refreshed, particularly if you are aiming at an outside audience.This means posting at least once a week - preferably more often - if you want to keep visitors coming to your site.

So, the staff person responsible for the blog has this monkey on his or her back all the time. It becomes a nuisance and that means that, as time goes on, postings are made less frequently. This leads to a slow death for the blog.

That is why we are getting business from companies who want their blogs refreshed on a continuing basis. When the responsibility is ours, the job gets done.