Yeah, Anyone Can Get Out Their Own Newsletter


The fact is that being able to do ones' own newsletter is a far cry from getting one out each month.

Because we are hired to do other peoples' enewsletter, we absolutely, positively have to get them out each month. But it isn't easy. We do require, at the very least, that they read and approve what we have written. It is almost a rule that we have to follow up, follow up, follow up to get back letters with the client approval.

A frequent occurence is that we get the letter back with extensive changes - or even a complete switch of subject matter. Meanwhile the month is going by and we are sweating the possibility that we will miss a month.

Now consider this: This happens when we have the responsibility to create the content of the letter. But how about the clients who say that they will provide the content? If it stresses their schedule to approve what we have written, how difficult will it be for those who have to deal with creating their own content?

Can you get out your own enewsletters? Yes, it is possible. But is it likely? Yes for some clients, but no way for others.

Want to be sure they get out? Hire naggers like us.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist