Save A Lot of Trees

This the season when we are besieged by commercial mailings. Junk mail, if you will. A lot of trees are being killed to jam up the mailbox with printed pieces that just get thrown away. Not that I am a tree hugger, but it is such a nuisance to try to stop these mailings that I don't even try.

Now contrast this with eNewsletters. They take up no physical space - in a mail box or trash can. They can be stopped instantly if you don't want any more of them. And they do not use up natural resources.

There you have it - a medium that is not intrusive, does not fill the trash dumps, that can only survive by the recipients' willing acceptance.

Add to that the key ingredient: it works and this can be proven for each mailing.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist