How Are They Receiving Your eNewsletters?

In the enewsletters we produce there is a note at the top that says
"If you can't see the images below click here." Those who do so will be able to read the text even though they cannot get the graphics.

Why don't they get the graphics? It may because they are receiving their email on a Blackberry. It may also be that they use Google gmail which will be text-only unless the users ask to show graphics. Whatever the reason, we note, when we do tracking of enewsletters, that the use of this text-only option is increasing.

In addition to having the text option link to deal with this situation, there is a design issue here. Enewsletters can be designed so that, even if the recipient can't see graphics, the letter will still be readable.

Whoever said that producing enewsletters is easy? It is really complex. To get the most out of them there is a lot to know and we have that experience.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist