Never Underestimate The Power of Pictures

I was recently doing a tracking report for a client and got to the part about ranking links in order of number of clicks. This client, Latin Builder's Association, has periodic social events such as golf outings and parties. Pictures taken at these events are included in their enewsletters. The most clicks, by far, were on the links that brought up the pictures. This pattern is a continuation of what was experienced in previous newsletters.

What is it about pictures that has their interest? Well, we have gone slightly mad with picture taking in the U.S. Witness the popularity of camera phones. But there is particular interest in viewing pictures of people we know.

And the greatest interest is in pictures of oneself.

So, we are certain that the popularity of the pictures link in the LBA newsletter was driven by the interest of readers in seeing if there are pictures that include them.

The message here is that those issuing enewsletters should find opportunities to include pictures of their clients and prospective clients.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist