New Year - New Medium

In 2005 you may have become aware of enewsletters as a possible medium to advance your enterprise. You may have been thinking, "Yes, we ought to give more thought to using this medium." But thoughts such as that have a way of disappearing into thin air after a week or more goes by.

So, here is a reminder - a wake up call to get serious about getting an enewsletter program going.

There are those that we have called on and to whom we presented the enewsletter story. Most of you said you saw value in it and would "think about it." OK, now is the time to turn thinking into action. If your organization is on a calendar year for budgeting, this is the time that there is money on hand to apply to a new program for growth of your enterprise.

It won't be hard. We do all the work for you. So, give us a call, won't you?

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist