Change Strangers Into Friends With eNewsletters

In the upcoming issue of EMI, Loop Consulting's enewsletter, Marcos talks about the difference between going in to pitch a total stranger and presenting to one who knows things about you. Quite plainly, one has an advantage if the prospective client or customer has a positive impression of you before you arrive for your first appointment.

The strategy is to send a copy of your enewsletter to the prospect immediately after setting your first appointment with him or her. Your appointment may be as long as a month away and it is certain that you will be forgotten until you arrive. This makes the stranger-to-stranger presentation somewhat awkward at first. It can also result in cancellation of the appointment.

Prospect to secretary: "Who is this guy I have an appointment with tomorrow? What does he want?"

Of course the secretary doesn't know, so the appointment gets cancelled.

But, if the prospect has received the enewsletter shortly after the appointment was made, there is greater likelyhood that he will remember.

By the way, be sure to copy the secretary or executive assistant when you send the letter. She will probably save it and, if needed can print it out for her boss.

So, there you are - newsletters have all kinds of benefits for you.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist
www.loopconsulting. com