Can A Blog Be A Web Site?

The quick answer is yes it can. If you think about it, blogs have URLs. Blogs are based on HTML language. So this offers an alternative to creating and maintaining web sites the customary way. Instead of going through Dreamweaver or Front Page to set up a site, you can go to Blogger, pick out a template and immediately start inputting content.

This opens the door to a speedier, do-it-yourself way to set up a web site.

But hold on a minute. Does knowing a better mechanical way to set up a site lead to a better site? The answer is no. You can put person in front of a computer and ask them to write a novel. They may be able to put down words, but if they have nothing much to say and can't manage the language, it won't make a story.

The same creativity factor applies to creating web sites. For top level work the input from professional writers and designers is required.

And that is us. So, if you want to pursue this blog/website idea, ask us to help.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist