Use eNewsletters To Reach Late Life Audiences?

Many think that the older people in our population are not into computer use. But this notion needs rebuttal. These people are taking to computers to be able to have email. They know that their children are heavily into emal. So, they find that they get quicker response to the messages they send than if they had sent snail mail. In fact, many children are buying computers for their parents and grandparents so they can have the convenience of email.

So, what does this mean to marketers? It means that enewsletters are a medium that can effectively be used to reach late life audiences. And why would marketers want to reach late lifers? We are aware the there is a marketing mindset that focuses on young families. Yet, here are these seniors who buy expensive vacation packages, who are into investing, who have health needs that require special medications and foods. Furthermore this is a consuming group that has a higher level of financial stability. Those receiving pension payments and social security have money to spend, even when the economy is in a downswing.

And, if they are using computers for email, how long will take them to begin to buy products and services on line?

So, apply some creativity to your marketing and think about using enewsletter campaigns to reach this growing market.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist