The Fast Forwarding Factor

Many who receive enewsletters see something in the content that they think will be of interest to someone else. So, how easy is it to forward an enewsletter? Just click on the "File" drop-down heading and click "Send Link By Email." Not only does it allow for instant forwarding of the entire letter, it allows the sender to type a message to accompany it. Maybe like, "I thought you would be interested in this subject."

Now think about how you would forward a paper newsletter. Within the office you can attach a routing slip and name those to whom the letter should go. But then the mail person must pick it up and distribute the letter to the named recipients. It will probably be put into an in-box where it might languish for days.

Or, to forward it to a person outside of the office, it requires one to address and stamp an envelope, insert the letter and mail. This is an incovenience.

Enewsletters provide ease of action and instant forwarding. So this encourages receipients to forward the letter - thereby increasing the reach of your enewsletter distribution.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist