ENewsletters - It's A Scan

Look again carefully at the headline. We said "scan" not "scam."

This is to make the point that studies show that most recipients of enewsletters don't read them - they scan them. We who produce enewsletters like to think that every golden word we write is read attentively. But scanners go over the letter in a different manner. They graze over the content and if the impression they get is that it has worth, they will read it more carefully.

So, the challenge is to grab them when they first enter the letter. This can be done in the way magazine publishers use highlight statements - usually in a block or box. These highlights present a sentence (or a quote from the letter) that is the crux of the subject matter.

Yes, you can grab those visitors to your letter and entice them into reading most of the content if you utilize this technique.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist