E-Newsletters vs. Web Sites

This heading makes it sound as if there is a an either/or choice between investing in web sites or in e-newsletters. That interpretation would not be correct. Both have an important place in the marketing communications media spectrum.

However, we frequently hear prospective clients say that they need to upgrade their web site before they get into e-newsletters. This type of priority setting ignores the fact that they are not going to significantly grow the audience they are reaching by fixing up their web site. People come to a web site by choice. so, how will they know the site has been upgraded if they have never opted to come in and look at it?

E-newsletters, by contrast, reach out to an audience that can be selected for demographics and size. E-newsletters open the door to people who may never have had experience with your product or services. So, when you lay your message in front of them, they are inclined to open it and see what it is all about.

Now, here is where e-newsletters can do more to improve traffic to your web site than tinkering with its graphics or contents. In your e-newsletters you post a prominent invitation - with link - to visit your site. Now you are doing something proactive to generate web site traffic.

We can tell you about how this has worked out for our clients. Get in touch and we will do so.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist