Upcoming Innovations For eNewsletters

Our director of technical services, Martin Gaido, just presented us with a statement of developments in eNewsletter technology. He advises that we will be able to provide some advanced techniques to our clients early in the coming year.

One of them is the use of flash animation in the letters we produce. This provides a new type of impact and can give the letters an aura of excitement.

Another avenue he is pursuing is technology that will allow our Enewsletters to be viewed in more types of remote equipment - Ipods and cell phones, for example. This is a logical extension of our present capability to have letters viewed on PDAs and Blackberries.

We will be telling you more about this later. But the message here is that the clients of Loop Consulting Group will always be in the forefront of electronic newsletter technology.

Prescott "Pete" Lustig
Senior Marketing Strategist