37 Things You Should Check Before Sending An Email- Seth Godin’s Email Check List

Author and marketing genius Seth Godin has presented a list of 36 points you should consider before sending out an email to one person or a group. From a marketing perspective my favorite points are:

19. Do I have my contact info at the bottom? (If not, consider adding it).

21. Could this email be shorter?

36. If I had to pay 42 cents to send this email, would I?

I’m going to suggest to Seth one more point, point number 37.

37. Did this email add any value what so ever for the recipient? Did it make them smarter? More informed about something they care about? Did it help improve their professional or personal life in any way?

Inbox attention is getting more and more precious for you and your prospective clients. This mean everyone has to quickly prioritize what they will pay attention to. Make sure that what you deliver is worth their time and attention.